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Nuby Reduce Reflux Baby Bottles with Anti Colic Teats. Set of 2 Pink, 240 ml Bottles. Includes Cleaning Brush and Dummy

Product Description

Reflux is one of those things that CAN happen to any little one. If your baby shows signs of reflux you've got a bottle that will help them to feel much happier when feeding and if your baby doesn't have any reflux symptoms you can still use them by simply removing the weighted straw. Easy-peasy! These reduce reflux bottles are designed to make bottle feeding a stress-free experience for you and your baby thanks to the unique, weighted straws that allow your little one to feed in a sitting position as recommended by healthcare professionals to help reduce reflux, colic and wind. It's even recommended by 96% of mums* - awesome or what? The revolutionary weighted straw allows your baby to latch and feed in the upright position until the last drops of their feed have gone so there's no milk going to waste (horray!) and wherever the milk is, the straw will follow whichever angle you're feeding from.

This reflux-busting duo come with slow flow easy latch, soft flex teats that flex and stretch like the breast and there's even 3 unique anti-colic valves which help prevent air ingestion.

These super bottles are 100% bpa free and if your baby doesn't take to them, there's no worry either because all of our bottles come with an acceptance guarantee so you can get or your money back (just see our packs for more details). there's also a no leak sealing ring, spill proof lid and the bottle is wide neck so easy to fill and clean. Whether you plan to use a dummy or not, there's also a matching one included in this pack too - call it a 'just in case' Bonus. Let the fun feeding times begin! *User trials 2016 bottle care to keep your bottles and teats clean and hygienic we recommend cleaning them in warm soapy water. All parts of the bottle including the silicone feeding tube can be thoroughly cleaned and are suitable for all forms of sterilization. It's important to change the teats and spouts every 2-3 months and always remember to check for any damage through wear and tear before use. The small bottle brush is provided to help remove any milk residue from inside of the weighted straw and you can also use a sterilising solution to rinse through the straw.


  • Nuby’s reduce reflux bottles help combat reflux problems by enabling upright feeding. The unique, weighted straw allows baby to feed in a sitting position to reduce reflux, colic & Wind
  • These reduce reflux bottles are designed to evolve with your baby. Simply remove the weighted straw to use as a standard bottle when your baby has outgrown reflux and colic
  • The anti-colic, easy latch, slow flow bottle teats are made from soft flex silicone which flexes and stretches like a breast
  • Comes with matching orthodontic dummy and includes a small bottle brush to help remove any milk residue from inside the straw
  • Bottles are 100% bpa free, dishwasher and microwave safe

Box Contains: 2 x 240ml Reduce Reflux Bottles 1 x small Straw Cleaning Brush 1 x Orthodontic Dummy

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